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Greenfields Funerals is dedicated to excellence in the provision of funeral direction and as a more affordable option. Greenfield Funerals is a locally owned and operated funeral company with experienced staff who will provide the very best funeral service with a genuine personal touch and we allow you the time to decide on what is the most appropriate service for your situation.

Our funeral arranging staff have many years of experience in the funeral industry within Western Australia and will provide the best advice that we can offer to ensure that you have a fitting service for your loved one. With so many of the well known funeral companies in Western Australia now being run by one organisation based in NSW, some feel that the personal attention to detail can be lost so we felt it was time that an alternative and more affordable option was available for you.

Funeral Directors and Homes in Mandurah and Rockingham Greenfields Funerals About Us

We offer a large range of coffins and caskets from which you can choose and the prices vary from under a thousand dollars to tens of thousands of dollars dependent upon your requirements and with Greenfields Funerals you will always receive excellent value as our aim is to provide a more affordable service for our clients.

Greenfields Funerals are your Mandurah and Rockingham funeral directors of choice

We also believe that as a modern funeral director that we should be very aware of the need to provide a greener option for those who are environmentally concerned so we are able to offer timber coffin, coffins & caskets made of natural product such a bamboo, wool, and woven banana & pandanus leaves which all comply with the Metropolitan Cemeteries Board Natural Burial requirements. We are also able to provide our own environmental casket for cremation services at a very affordable price (please ask for further information). This coffin is totally biodegradable and utilises natural materials for all trimmings and handles.

Greenfields Funerals are also happy to travel to country destination to conduct services and understand that many people may have lived in a rural location and wish to return to that place for their funeral. Just speak with one of our consultants and it can all be arranged.

Should you have any queries or questions about the service that Greenfields Funeral can offer or would like to speak with a consultant please contact us on (08) 9524 5899 or email us at

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